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Kit List

1) Big rucksack for most of luggage -  It will be transported in a van during the day:

- sleeping bag
- ground mat
- blister patches/sterilised safety pins for popping blisters/plasters
- socks (a thin pair (like thousand-mile socks) under a thick pair)
- clothes: wear material that dries easily (sports t-shirts, jersey material etc.... – denim is not advised)                                   

- towel (showers are available)
- flip flops
- plastic bags (for rubbish)
- tissues/toiletries/gel handwash/rosary beads/mobile/wallet/passport/boarding passes/alarm clock/after sun cream/wipes
- bring your own plate or bowl and cutlery
- well broken in walking shoes or runners (NOT a pair that you buy a month before). You need to have walked at least 50 miles in a new pair of walking shoes (less if you wear trainers). Get plenty of walking done in the 2 months run up to the pilgrimage if you can(three or four 5 mile walks per week ) - the pilgrimage is very tough (110km/3 days) and can lead to chronic injuries if not adequately prepared for.

2) Small rucksack for carrying your necessities during the day:

- light rain coat and waterproof covering for rucksack or poncho
- fleece/bandana
- snacks
- bottle of water (frequent refills along the way)
- sun hat (to be worn at all times even in cloud cover to prevent sun stroke)
- sun cream
- wipes

3) Food: All meals are provided (bring your own snacks)

- Snacks: chocolate, salted nuts (to replace the bodily salts you will be losing), raisins, sweets, fruit compotes.

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