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I can't walk... but I can pray!

If you can't make it to the pilgrimage... a professional commitment, a health problem, old age, distance, a mother who has to stay at home with small children or someone who has to take care of a sick parent or relative... that doesn't mean you're "useless" or "excluded"!

We need your prayers and this is the most important contribution of the “praying pilgrim”!


In addition, “praying pilgrims” can choose to make an optional donation to the pilgrimage organisation; their contribution would help us to reduce ticket costs in future years, invest in necessary equipment, etc.


  • What are the commitments of the "praying pilgrim" during the 3 days of the Pilgrimage?

  1. Pilgrimage prayer (See Below)

  2. Daily rosary

  3. Depending on their opportunities, "praying pilgrims" are encouraged to do more: Mass, confession, reading and meditation on the pilgrimage theme, works of charity, acts of penance, etc.


The "praying pilgrim" prays for the intentions of the pilgrimage at a time and at a pace which suits him or her.


  • How is it possible to be a remote pilgrim?

Thanks to the Communion of Saints, we can merit for one another the graces we need for our sanctification. "And if one member suffer any thing, all the members suffer with it; or if one member glory, all the members rejoice with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and members of member." (1 Cor 12:26-27). The smallest act of Charity benefits everyone, living or dead.

Thus, the prayers and sacrifices made by "praying pilgrims", wherever they may be, and united to Our Lord Jesus Christ by Charity, will merit graces for the walking pilgrims. Conversely, those offered by the walking pilgrims will draw down the graces of the pilgrimage on the "praying pilgrims".


  • Who is the "praying members" group for?

It is for anyone who can't make it to the pilgrimage, either because of official duties or physical impediments, but would like to participate spiritually.

"Praying pilgrims" can therefore be parents of young children, the sick, people too old to cover the hundred or so kilometres of the pilgrimage, those living abroad, even priests and religious, and so on.


  • Why have a pilgrimage with "praying members"?

So that no one is prevented from taking part in this pilgrimage devoted to the service of Christendom and the conversion of Ireland. So that everyone, according to their possibilities, can take part in the meditations, chants and prayers of the pilgrims from all over Ireland and beyond. For three days, experience the Communion of Saints that unites all pilgrims, walkers and non-walkers alike!
Locally, "praying pilgrims" can take the initiative to meet and pray together, or even organize a mini-pilgrimage close to home. Don't hesitate to form a group with your friends or the faithful of your chapel, and have your local priest relay the information.

Not everyone can walk, but everyone can pray!



Grant me, O merciful God, that what is pleasing to Thee I may ardently desire, prudently examine, truthfully acknowledge, and perfectly accomplish for the praise and glory of Thy name.


Give me, Lord God, a vigilant heart, which no vain thought can draw away from Thee; a noble heart, which no unworthy affection can drag down; a righteous heart, which no ambiguous intention can deflect; a firm heart, which no adversity can break; a free heart, which no violent passion can oppress.


Grant me, Lord my God, an understanding that knows Thee, diligence in seeking Thee, wisdom in finding Thee, a conduct pleasing to Thee, a perseverance trustfully awaiting Thee, and a confidence finally embracing Thee. Amen.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us!

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